Art teacher. Learning with technology. Digitally creative.

imeBlog posts about art education, my creative use of technology, eco/green design and use of multimedia. This is my personal blog, started in 2006 as a reflective practice on my teaching, use of technology and creativity. Content on this site can sometimes been found elsewhere on the web; in the form of guest posts, school web sites and other site addresses as I have moved the blog from host to host.

I have been teaching art and design for over 20 years and occasionally other subjects too. I am passionate about art and design, lens-based art (photography) as well as video production and kids’ creative broadcasting. The archive of innovative work I was involved with can be found in part here.

I completed an MSc in Multimedia/E-learning in 2010. My e-book on video in education is available to download: videocasting-to-the-natives.

If you would like to share what I’m up to, follow me on twitter: @damoward

When not online, drawing/painting or at school, these other activities dominate my time and often that of my family:

  • Reading – I tend to have several books on-the-go at once, some on a Kindle others are paperbacks. I like to read a non-fiction book at the same time as something more lightweight. I used Shelfari extensively and intend to set up a Goodreads account one day.
  • Walking – During my teens/20s/30s I would spend lots of time in the Lake District, North Wales, the Pennines and the Peak District. I took groups of eager school kids up mountains before I decided to teach and only actively stopped the challenging walks when my kids were growing. Walking and thinking go hand-in-hand so I usually walk between 3 and 8 km daily. I’m a conversational walker but can go it alone, and I am certainly not a jogger or runner although I walk quite quickly. The Camino de Santiago is on my bucket list.
  • Photography – Looking at life through a frame of colour, contrasts, shape and geometry is practising looking as an artist and I am as passionate about working with a camera as I am with pen, pencil and paint. I deleted my Flickr account as I don’t like to share my imperfect creations and I am not talented enough to worry anyone on 500px!
  • Meditation/Mindfulness – I developed a “Beginner’s Mind” at University over 25 years ago and I am still, in essence, a beginner. I lead mindfulness sessions with my year 7s as lesson starters in the Take 5/Street Yoga tradition and took up regular stretching-Yoga for back pain a few years ago. Tara Lee’s DVDs are a bit too challenging but the app Sworkit I use daily.
  • Growing Vegetables – I like to be outside the house in fair weather but don’t have green fingers or the necessary motivation for flower beds and shrubs. I like to grow just enough vegetables to get a buzz out of having nurtured from seed to the table. I have fruit trees, a greenhouse for tomatoes, peppers, marrows and courgettes and a small kitchen plot for Calabrese broccoli, potatoes and runner beans. I have focussed recently on varieties not available to buy in supermarket groceries, such as purple potatoes, yellow tomatoes and candy-swirled beetroot.

Other than these, I enjoy attempting to cook and more often than not, good TV and movies.

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